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Network Energy Xchange will manage your electricity procurement strategy by utilizing our team of Licensed industry experts that follow the market and understand your options in real time.

Our team of certified energy advisors will take the guesswork out of buying electricity. We continuously interact with the retail market. As a result, we have relationships with nearly every investment-grade supplier in North America as well as in the European Market. All this to bring the best energy products to you.

In addition to managing your Requests for Proposals (RFPs), contract negotiations and price risk assessments, we also provide you with complete energy management services including:


    • Block Products
      We structure energy load to mimic wholesale blocks. We can remove these retail premiums and provide lower overall energy costs.


    • Fixed Price Contracts
      A fixed price contract means a company agrees to a fixed energy price for an agreed time. A fixed price contract is great for budget certainty and for businesses with a small tolerance for risk. Network Energy Xchange can help you take advantage of lower prices that “blend” cheaper future rates with your current rate for a lower overall price.


    • Index Price Products
      Index price agreements are contracts that tie your energy cost to a specified market-based index. This allows you to float with the current market until a decision about a long-term trend becomes apparent. Since there is more risk with index price products, Network Energy Xchange helps determine if continuing on an index product makes financial sense, or if locking all or a portion of the term will be more beneficial for you.


    • Hybrid Products
      Hybrid products provide elements of both fixed and index contracts. Network Energy Xchange will analyze your historic load profile. Then we’ll establish a base amount of energy consumption that will always be used by your facility over a given time – period. We’ll then structure your contract to include fixed and index products that best meet your needs.


    • Government Regulation
      From tax laws to local regulations, keeping up with changing government policy can be daunting. Network Energy Xchange stays abreast of government regulations to ensure your company is compliant with energy standards and laws.


    • Sustainability
      The energy market is one that is constantly evolving. We’re regularly presented with new ways to save money on your energy bills. Network Energy Xchange stays one step ahead of evolving technology, incentive programs and laws that can boost your energy savings.

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