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Network Energy Xchange

Network Energy Xchange is an Award-Winning Global Energy Leader offering Wholesale Pricing for Electricity and Natural Gas from the World’s Largest Energy Suppliers. NEX has offices throughout North America and in Europe with a vast Network of Engineers, Commodity Traders, Lawyers, Regulatory and Sustainability Experts, and Utility Specialist, Plus, Low Energy Pricing no one else can offer. No Company is better suited than NEX to help clients manage their exposer to Volatile Energy Prices in an ever-changing market and help them achieve energy efficiency in today’s market and in the future. We manage Thousands of Clients on Procurement, Risk Management, Demand-side Management, Renewable Energy and Resiliency throughout the U.S. and Europe. Our clients range from Large Fortune 100 and 500 companies to High Profile, Complex Organizations to your small mom and pop businesses saving them thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars with our Innovative Cost Saving Solutions.

Best of All, were one of a handful of Energy Firms in the World that offers GUARNTEED PRICING. So what that means to you, is at any time after 24 months within the agreement, you can reprice your agreement and take advantage of lower energy prices and have the new lower rate effective the next billing cycle without penalty.

Ask one of our Advisors today on how that program work.

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